Thank you for your interest in being a speaker for icuTalks: Stories Worth Telling ministry.
What is your name?

{{answer_40188127}} Have you attended an icuTalks event?

Why do you want to speak for icuTalks?

Do you have prior speaking experience? If so, what?

icuTalks believes we all have a story worth telling.

In one to two sentences, tell us your story.

What topic would your story fall under? (particularly important for 10 minute speaker applicants)

Do you plan to share your story with a teaching piece as well?

{{answer_40188127}} What is the time length you are applying to speak?

If you are applying to be 20-minute or headline speaker, please submit a 2-5 minute video (on your phone- doesn’t have to be fancy) to  If we should anticipate receiving a video from you in the next 24 hours, please type ok.

If you are applying for the 20-minute or headline speaker spot, you will receive an email to sign up for one of our bi-annual audition slots. This is to determine your topic and speaking style, not exclude you! Type OK if you understand this process.

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